Nicole Siri Martin, MA, LPC, NCC, MAC 

When suffering from any mental and emotional instability it is difficult to initiate and navigate change.  To begin the journey of change means starting where you are; honoring you as in individual and your own perspective and understanding of yourself and the world.  Sometimes that simply means making an appointment for therapy and actually attending the first session.


Through education and skill building, a foundation is built to then form a readiness to begin the journey.  Everyone’s journey is different and unique.  Understanding the science behind addiction and the impact of various life experiences are critical elements in treatment.  


Also of importance is the deep connection between the mind and the body.  Our minds and bodies are so amazing!  Treating both the mind and the body with gentle kindness is a very important part of healing.  

Nicole Siri Martin, MA, LPC, NCC, MAC

Specializing in trauma therapy, anxiety and depression, 

trauma therapy, and addiction treatment, Nicole's approach to therapy is holistic and balanced.  Nicole uses a multi-modal approach to therapy, combining the following goals:

  • Increasing readiness and motivation for change, improving healthy coping and relaxation skills 

  • Practicing emotion regulation

  • Deep trauma healing.  

She utilizes EMDR, yoga therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and art therapy.